In a recent interview with UK-based Company magazine, ZooeyDeschanel confessed that she’d found a photo of her 15-year-old self dressed as a princess doing homework, complete with tiara.

In keeping with these early fashion tendencies toward the super-girly, the actress also admitted that even now and over twice that age, she’s rarely seen out of dresses. And, as the leading lady in the film 500 Days of Summer, the indie-girl pinup is an obvious choice for those looking for feminine inspiration this season.

Vans Era Sneakers

So, how easy is it to get the Zooey look?  Well, your first point of call when imitating this frock-loving filly should of course be to stock up on lots of dresses ready for the summer sun. If you’ve caught any of Zooey’s current TV series New Girl, you’ll have plenty of ideas to play with.

Zooey has admitted that her character in the series, Jess, dresses a lot like her. This means lots of pretty cotton dresses with shoestring straps for daywear, a penchant for short A-line dresses in bold colours and checks for smart days in the office and oodles upon oodles of the colour red. Red and green are both oft-worn by Ms Deschanel as they perfectly complement her to-die-for long curly brunette hair and big brown eyes.

The beauty of Zooey’s style is that you can make subtle changes to suit any occasion and the footwear you choose can transform your outfit completely. For a more casual look you can go for casual sneakers such as the vans era range. Whilst if you’re looking for a more formal look, Zooey tends to opt for a kitten heal or a smart pump.

Once you’ve stocked up on kooky but comfortable dresses, it’s time to pick up some other Deschanel favourites to complete the look. Cardigans in coordinating colours are the go-to cover up for the demure lady, who is also more likely to be seen in cute pumps or flats than towering heels.

When it comes to handbags she’s often seen with a vintage-style number with a strap, but tends to pump for classic clutches for nights out.  The overall look is pretty without being overdone and as such it’s an easy and inexpensive style to imitate!


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