Becoming a style icon is a case of finding a way of dressing that not only sets you apart from other eligible gentlemen, but also suits you.

Many of the biggest celebrity icons are known for favouring a certain look or even developing their own particular way of wearing items of clothing – like David Beckham and his habit of tucking his shirt in only at one side.

Fred Perry Polo Collection

Whatever your shape, size, or personal sense of style, using these principles it’s possible to emulate this success by achieving confidence in how you’re dressed.

First up is wearing clothes that are well-made and are designed for your shape. There’s nothing wrong with off-the-peg clothing, but your choices should always be governed by your personal proportions more than considerations of what happens to be in style at the time.

If you are tall or broadly built, try going for a more smart-casual look, items such as Fred Perry polo shirts when coupled together with some smart jeanswill always be a classically stylish look.

Many of the biggest modern day style icons including the likes of David Beckham, Ryan Gosling and Marc Jacobs are renowned for following some of the same style habits as their most popular predecessors.

The simple tailored suits, crisp shirts, sharp ties and polished shoes they favour for public appearances take inspiration directly from people like JFK – proving classic looks never go out of fashion.

When buying for special occasions in particular it pays to be aware of this and not to stray too far from the path of tradition.  Splashing on a suit that always wows the crowd and won’t age in years to come is always far more cost-effective than buying a high trend option that will look out of place in just six months’ time. And of course, dressing like a film star can help you feel like one too.


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