Is there anything better that could happen to a man than to become a father… for the fourth time? A child always brings joy to people and this is why becoming a parent is always good news that the entire world should be happy about.

This is the case of Bruce Willis. Now he is married to his second wife, the 33-year-old Emma Heming who gave birth to a girl child.

Bruce Willis(photo credit:

According to the spokesman of the family, both the mother and the baby are doing great and the parents are beyond happy because of the latest addition to their family. Believe it or not, the little girl was born on the 1st of April. Her weight is of 9 lbs. and 1 oz. and she got the name of Mabel Ray Willis.

She already has three older sisters, Tallulah, 18, Scout, 20, and Rumer, 23. All three of these children are the daughters of Demi Moore from the previous marriage of their father to the actress. It is interesting to mention that the father just turned 57, while the mother is only 33. Nonetheless this isn’t big news in the world of celebrities, even more this is something to be expected.

Besides the birth of his child, it looks like Bruce Willis has a really busy year ahead. He has five different movies hitting the theaters and he is preparing for 2 other movies. Can you imagine someone keeping up with all of this? Well, the Die Hard celebrity may have already got used to it since he’s been doing this all his life.

Still there is one question that we could ask: will he be around to see his fourth daughter grow up or he will have his wife send him photos each day so that he won’t forget the way she looks? You may think that this is a mean thing to say, but just think about it. Was he around for the rest of his girls? Is he with them now or is he there for them?

There is no need to judge the actor, but these are questions that may get people concerned about the way the little girl will grow up.


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