There have been some rumors according to which Queen Elizabeth II isn’t really happy with Kate Middleton getting into the family. It is said that she thinks Kate is dull, lazy, dumb and vain. It has also been said that the queen was wondering years before the prince got married to her whether she will ever have a real job, or she will just wait for her prince to come.

According to royal sources, the queen has been complaining about the laziness of the duchess even though she took part at numerous charity events since she got married to the prince. When she is at home she is pressured to become more like Diana was. It is said that the queen still has a full schedule and she would like the duchess to do the same.

Queen Elizabeth vs. Kate Middleton (photo credit:

Going out

The queen also says that she doesn’t go out enough. It is a known fact that in a year Kate has already attended 35 formal and charity events, but that’s not good enough for the queen, because Princess Diana attended 170 in only one year.


Another complaint of the queen is that Kate is too vain. The truth is that there are thousands of women all over the world who copy the hairstyle and makeup of Kate and so she always has to look her best. This is why it is said that she spends 4-5 hours per day for getting her haircut and styled.

Spending money

You may think that this shouldn’t be a problem in the royal family, but according to the queen, Kate is spending too much. She attended a charity event with a Mulberry bag worth $1,300. She has also been spotted wearing extremely expensive clothes at some of the other charity events that she attended.

Kate not being too bright

One of the funniest stories of the royal family is when Kat was at the Buckingham Palace with the queen and she raised her eyebrows looking at the priceless Faberge eggs and asked whether they are still made. This is a pretty interesting question considering that she has a history of arts major. Nonetheless, she is the first queen with college education.

There are a lot of people saying that she finds shopping and salon appointments more important than the royal duties. And you would think that every girl would like to become a princess.


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