ghd hair straighteners are the A-list styling tool when it comes to taming those locks.  They are used by hair fanatics everywhere and are the go-to styling tool for the stars.

Celebrities offer the perfect style inspiration when it comes to planning your next look.  The A-list celebrities tend to be at the cutting edge of what’s trendy and new, which is why they are a great source of inspiration.  A team of top stylists and hair connoisseurs are at their beck and call, meaning every single one of the hairs on their head is usually styled to the utmost perfection.

ghd Hair Brushes

If you are looking for a style that is a little boho and completely inspiring, look no further than starlet Nicole Richie.  Many envy her effortless style, and there are many tips and tricks you can use in order to create a similar look.

Those that have medium length hair or are in the process of growing out a shorter style will be the most able to recreate a Ritchie-inspired style.  Think tousled waves and sleek buns; both are made for girls with medium length locks.

Shoulder length hair is certainly proving to be one look that is extremely hot for spring.  In order to create a super trendy style that is perfect for the up-and-coming months, opt for a long bob with a heavy fringe.  Such a style can be created with a pair of ghd hair straighteners.  They are the key ingredients to creating a style that looks slightly undone.

Begin by blow-drying the hair.  Once the hair is dry use the ghd hair straighteners to create a sleek fringe.  Lightly twirl sections of the hair around the straightening irons in order to create the effect of loose waves.  Use a hairbrush to brush the twirled sections out in order to create an undone, slightly messy look.  The poker straight fringe combined with the tousled locks will create the perfect boho style.


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