There is a lot that you may have heard about the movie John Carter. It is filled with visual effects and a lot of other production values. Naturally we shouldn’t forget about the story material either.

Since it is such a great entertainment, it may be just what Taylor Kitsch needed to become a star. The movie has been created based on a series of books and it is said that it is a pretty good adaptation even if it comes up with some elements on its own.

John-Carter(photo by

Since the movie is filled with so many different elements, at some point it all becomes overwhelming and the viewers could lose track of all the characters.

The main character, John Carter is faced with a family tragedy and because of this he loses control over himself and becomes something like an animal.

Maybe it’s fate that at this point he is transported to planet Mars. Here, because of the lighter gravity, he has a bigger range of motion.

He manages to impress even the best warriors he meets, including a princess whose father is trying to make her marry one of the warriors of the enemy to make peace.

Because of the realistic visual effects, it is difficult to tell where reality stops and imagination takes over. It is possible that only this element could make the movie a major hit. The viewers can marvel at all the sights that the movie has to offer, such as a monster that turns out to be something like a pet dog.

Nonetheless it is important to remember who the characters are and what their role is. In some cases, this turns out to be quite difficult.

All in all we could say that the movie is a combination of interesting scenes and dull stretches. But, since it is filled with imagination and it has a lot of amazing elements, we shouldn’t just dismiss it. In case you have the smallest curiosity regarding the movie, you should make sure to give it a shot.

One interesting question regarding the movie is why Disney decided to drop Mars from the title of the movie. The book with the traditional title was more than successful.

Some say that it was a bad decision to put such a well-known title aside for something that the majority of the people don’t know anything about.  Of course, you may have a different opinion.


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