Is there anyone in the entire world who didn’t hear about Bear Grylls? He is (or was) the main character of the show Man vs. Wild seen on Discovery Channel. Although he and the show have fans all over the world, it looks like the collaboration between him and the cable network is over.

According to official information, the relationship has been ended because of a breach of contract. Initially the released article said that the contract has been terminated because the survivor failed to present at two projects that haven’t been announced in advance. Since then the article is being rewritten.

Goodbye to Bear Grylls

The official spokesperson reported that there was an ongoing contractual dispute and because of this, the cable network had to let Bear Grylls go. If the news is true it means that, a show that is more than popular in the world and has 1.2 billion viewers will not be renewed for another season.

The cable network should also take into consideration the star guests that the show had such as Jake Gyllenhal and Will Ferrell who also drew a lot of viewers.

Still the fans shouldn’t worry about the survivor. Until now, he has written 11 books of which the latest will be presented this year and he will have his own live show. Besides all this, he has a videogame based on the show, his own iPhone application, clothing line and he has deals with different manufacturers.

All this means that if the news proves to be true, there is no need to be worried for Grylls; he will do just fine. Another option could be for him is to start working for another cable network, such as National Geographic.

If you happen to be the fan of the survivor, you can be sure that you will still see him on the screen, only that you will have to switch to another channel. In case you would like to find out more about him and his adventures, you could read the books he wrote, and if you have a similar lifestyle to his, take a look at his clothing line.

For the people who like to explore the wild from the comfort of their home there is the video game through which people can relive the adventure and have the option to do things their own way. As you can see Bear Grylls won’t just simply disappear.

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