The world seems to have changed since Whitney Houston left us. She was found dead Saturday afternoon in her hotel room in Beverly Hilton Hotel. She was supposed to participate at a pre-party of the Grammy Awards. Now at the party there has been a moment of silence in her memory.

There was an autopsy performed on her body and it looks like the autopsy is ready, but it has been put on hold until the toxicology report arrives. There will be no more information revealed before the medical inquiry is done.

Whitney Houston Inside her room the police have found several types of medication. According to her family, she has been taking Xanax prescribed by her doctor to help her cope with her anxiety.

In case you didn’t know, xanax, oxycontin, and other prescriptions are some of the most abused legal drugs in the world today.

In case this medication is mixed with alcohol it could lead to drowsiness.

The singer was found in her hotel room bathtub with her head under the water and there was nothing for the paramedics to do after her body has been taken out water.

The police found no alcohol bottles in the room, but her acquaintances said that she had a few drinks in the company of her friends the night before she died.

She attended the rehearsals for the Grammy Awards, and during this time she looked pretty disheveled. The singer had been sweating a lot and it is reported that her breath smelled like cigars and liquor. Several people said that they saw her at a club earlier during the week and she had been acting quite erratically.

The singer was only 48 years old and once she was said to be the queen of pop. Since then a lot has changed, mainly because of erratic behavior and drug use, not to mention that she had a more than unsuccessful marriage to Bobby Brown.

Whitney Houston’s death was a real shock to the music industry and there were a lot of celebrities expressing their sadness and shock. According to the people who were present there, her ex-husband literally broke down when he got the news.

He was at a show with his band and because of this he had to skip the first song of the show. Nonetheless later he appeared for the second song. Then he shouted that he loved his ex-wife and blew a kiss to the skies with tears in his eyes. Apparently he is really affected.


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