Let’s face it: like it or not we all have at least one TV show that got us addicted, and it looks like this year there are going to be some that we cannot miss out on. In case you are interested about which ones are worth a shot, then you should just look around you.

Top 5 TV Shows1. Up Al Night

This is a modern view of family life, presenting people who are trying to find a balance between their family life, career and the arrival of a new baby. The main characters are a public relations executive and a stay-at-home dad who are trying to behave as responsible adults.

2. Awake

The main character of the show is a detective who has a double life that seems to be unimaginable. He suffers a car accident in which his wife dies, but his son survives. Then he wakes up in another reality where his son died and his wife survived. In order to have both of them, he is trying to live his life in both realities.

3. Apartment 23

This show presents the life of a small town girl in New York. After her dreams turned to ashes in her first week of stay, she finds herself living with a horrible person who has no morality. After she is scammed, she also scams her roommate, and so she is brought in the world of colorful people.

4. New Girl

This is a comedy show presenting a new point of view regarding the relationship of girls and boys. The main character is an awkward girl, but who feels good about herself. Although she seems to be balanced, she never really had any boy friends, and then she moves in with three other guys.

5. Persons of Interest

The show actually is a crime thriller presenting a former CIA agent who is supposed to be dead and a billionaire who forms a team in order to prevent violent actions with the help of their vigilante. They are using cutting edge technology in their quest of stopping crime even before they happen.

The next season seems to be more than promising, and in case you find yourself with nothing to do in the evening, all you have to do is to turn your TV on and to look for one of these shows. For sure all of them will turn out to be captivating and they will make the everyday worries vanish.

(photo credit: www.pajiba.com)


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