We all know that Demi Moore has gone through some rough times lately and according to experts, she might have to face some serious consequences in case she doesn’t get any help fast. She already lost her marriage and she could also lose her health. It is known that she has been hospitalized, and maybe this has something to do with her heavy partying.

Although she is already 49, she has been more than active in the party scene along with her daughter and her friends. She may seem to be fine for now she really needs some professional help to be able to move on.

Demi MooreSpecialists say that she should spend at least 6 months in rehab. Even more, in order to be able to take full control of her life she should disappear from the scene for a year.

Also she should make sure that she isn’t surrounded by elements that remind her of her career so that she will be able to concentrate solely on herself and her health.

She is in great need to sober up, to eat normally, to be able to love herself and maybe then she will become a model to follow for her daughters. This may be her second chance to make things right.

She has the strength and the possibility to pull herself together for her sake and for the sake of her children.

She could become again the hero that people always thought she was, but for this it is crucial for her to sober up. Once she has gone through rehab she could return to the Hollywood scene and share her story with others. Maybe she would be able to inspire some other celebrities who have the same needs that she has.

One of the options that she may be taking into consideration is Cirque Lodge found in the Rocky Mountains. It is known for offering every luxury that the celebrities that could think about, and there have been numerous famous people treated here including Kirsten Dunst, Lindsay Lohan, Mary-Kate Olsen and also Eva Mendes.

If she joins a luxury rehab program Moore will finally be able to exorcise her substance abuse demons and launch a Hollywood comeback in the near future.

We can imagine that staying at a place like this is everything but cheap. One day spent at the facility costs about $1,600 and the facility requires a 30 day down payment to start with. Imagine staying in a place like this for 6 months! Nonetheless it might be worth it for her to get better.


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