Each year there are some movies that are more than anticipated by the fans of cinema, and this year doesn’t lack such movies either.

Movies For 2012

1. Red Tails

In case you would like to see a good movie in January, you should go for this one. It is true that the same topic has been approached by other movies as well, but this one seems to be different.

2. This Means War

In case you would like to see a truly exciting movie, this is the one. In case you don’t know what the movie is like, consider something like Spy vs. Spy.

3. The Hunger Games

In case you like fantasy movies, then for sure you will love this one. It is said to be better than Harry Potter and Twilight, and although people have only seen the trailers, they are more than excited about the movie hitting the theaters.

4. Titanic 3D

For sure you have seen the movie before, but nothing beats seeing the same movie in 3D.

5. Avengers

Although there are some other movies competing for the same title, this movie seems to be the most anticipated in May. Just think about the amazing cast, not to mention the plot.

6. Prometheus

The plot of the movie hasn’t been a secret for a long time. This is something like Alien, but it takes place in a nearer future. If you like science fiction, then this is a must see for you.

7. The Dark Knight Rises

Superheroes have been part of our childhood and maybe this is why this movie is so anticipated by the fans. It looks like it manages to bring out the child in people every time a new movie is released.

8. The Bourne Legacy

Even the title of the movie sounds mysterious, right? Although there are a lot of new movies released in August, this seems to be the most popular of them all. Naturally you could check out the other ones as well.

9. Agro

The main start of the movie is Ben Affleck and he is a member of the CIA. Just as you may have expected this is a thriller and you can be sure that there will be some unexpected twists.

10. Paranormal Activity 4

In case you are a fan of horror movies, you have to make sure that you don’t miss out on this one.


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