One of the most well-known pregnancies of the last year has been that of the Beyonce. She and her partner, Jay-Z rented the entire floor of a hospital for her to give birth, and not even the doctors and nurses were allowed to enter after the baby girl was born.

The couple made sure that there will be no photos leaking to the public by having tape put on the cameras. The workers of the hospital were also asked to turn off their mobile phones when they started their shift.

Congratulate BeyonceThere were some rumors according to which Beyonce has given birth in December, but then people have spotted the couple on Christmas Eve, and Beyonce was still pregnant.

She chose to give birth in her hometown, Houston where the singer has been spotted for the last time last year with her mother.

After the news appeared that the little one is born, there were a lot of celebrities tweeting the couple, wishing them and the baby all the best.

One of these celebrities has been Rihanna, who called herself the aunt of the little one and welcomed her to the world.

Gwyneth Paltrow also tweeted the couple, stating that, although the people don’t know the little one yet, they already love her. Russel Simmons also sent a message, congratulating his friends and sending a link to news regarding the birth of the baby.

LaToya Jackson couldn’t miss either from the row of celebrities congratulating the couple. She even thanked them for bringing a bundle of joy to the world and she stated that she is bound to be a true talent when she grows up.

Diddy, who is also a fan of Twitter, sent a message congratulating Jay and B and he also mentioned something about the couple having more children. Snooki also took the time and tweeted Beyonce, congratulating her and stating that she is really happy for her.

Cheryl Cole welcomed the baby in the world and congratulated the parents for their first child. These are just a few of the people that tweeted the couple, and you can imagine the number of fans that were thrilled by the news.

In case you haven’t done it yet, you could also congratulate the parents through… Tweeter. You can be sure that you wouldn’t be the only fan doing so… and you wouldn’t be the first either.


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