In case celebrities have a long relationship that doesn’t mean that the relationship will last. For this it is a great example the relationship of Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis. Although they have been together for 14 years, they spent the last week being 5,000 miles apart.

Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis

What did she do?

The French singer and actress spent the week in Paris. She has been spotted doing some shopping in the Marais district and after that she went for a fitting to the headquarter of Channel located at Rue Cambon. This week she is expected to turn up to the premiere of her latest movie, Café de Flore.

How about him?

Johnny Depp had a low profile during this period in Los Angeles. He has been spotted rocking a fedora at the steering wheel of a luxury sports car. Later that day he showed up at a museum. Next month he is supposed to go to New Mexico for the starting of the filming of his new film, The Lone Ranger.

Vanessa solo?

She has been seen alone in an art gallery and later she has been spotted buying some DVDs on her own. She opted for a box set made up of the movies directed by Billy Wilder. He is most famous for the movie The Seven-Year Itch that presents the temptations of a married man to cheat with Marilyn Monroe.

She was staying at Hotel Costes at the beginning. This is the place where she and the actor fell in love back in 1998. Depp said that first he saw the back and the neck and then the actress turned around. The effect was instantaneous and he knew that his days as a single man were over. The same week Vanessa switched hotels.

Official information

The breakup of the couple hasn’t been commented by the official representatives of the couple. According to several magazines, the parents of two children are having separate lives now and it seems unimaginable at the moment for the couple to stay together.

This proves that not even the celebrities can always have their happy end. We have to admit that the two formed a very nice couple and they seemed to click right from the beginning. We can’t stop wondering why they never got married even though they have two children together. Maybe they saw these events coming, and they were just taking safety measures.


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