When people hear about the Golden Globes Awards they instantly think about all the dresses and hairstyles, jewelry and fashion. Nonetheless if we were to say which star sparkled the most, we should be considering the most special moments of the evening.

Golden Globes 2012(photo credit: www.cbsnews.com)

Ricky Gervais

He has been the host of the event for the third time and he said that he will never do it again. During his opening speech he has been quite acidic and then he asked a pretty inappropriate question, asking whether people have seen the movie of Johnny Depp, ‘The Tourist’. This coming from a person who wears anything Tim Burton says.

Michelle Williams

She received an award and in her acceptance speech she thanked her daughter who had to put up with bedtime stories read in the voice of Marilyn Monroe while the actress has been preparing for the role. She also said that first she is a mother and only second is she an actress.

William H. Macy and Felicity Huffman

The team made of husband and wife did quite a show when presenting the award that they had to present. Actually their speech has been a song saying that all the actresses did a good job, but only one of them will receive the award and it is an honor being nominated, followed by ‘blah-blah’.

Seth Rogen

He walked to the podium with Kate Beckinsale to present an award and he started his speech in a quite surprising manner. He presented himself and also added that at the moment he was trying to hide a huge erection. Now, that is something that not many people would say in front of an audience.

Octavia Spencer

She has been the one that gave the most emotional speech of the night. She has received an award and in her acceptance speech she quoted Martin Luther King regarding his thoughts of work. She also added that she has been so overwhelmed by the moment that she was about to fall out of her shoes.

Steve Levitan and Sofia Vergara

Levitan translated a speech from Spanish that turned out to be more than dubious. He has been accentuating the sexiness of the writing staff of his show. Even more, he suggested that the actresses should give their numbers to the staff at the party because they are really good lovers.

As you can see a lot of “interesting” things happened at the event for the delight of the online and offline tabloids.


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