Planning a wedding takes a great deal of time, patience, and creativity. There are people who base their entire careers around planning the perfect wedding for happy couples who want to make sure that their days stand out from all others.

Celebrities particularly take advantage of the tools that they uniquely have at their disposal. Though not all couples get to experience celebrity weddings or the price tag that comes with them, they can take note of some of the best wedding ideas these Hollywood romances have put forth.

wedding ideas

1. The Wedding Festival

Kate Moss married Jamie Hince in July 2011. The more-or-less traditional ceremony was followed by a reception in the field of Moss’s country home. Live musical performances were scheduled through the evening and children were welcome to rest in tents.

Of course, most couples could not afford to have Snoop Dogg perform at their wedding reception, but they can take a note from the so-called “Mossapalooza” and host dinner and dancing outdoors, Renaissance Fair style.

2. The Surprise Wedding

In 2004, Britney Spears and Kevin Federline invited guests to an engagement party, then surprised them by getting married instead. In 2011, LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian followed suit.

A wedding such as this could erase a lot of nerves, just make sure that guests know how very important the party is so that the most vital guests, including parents, don’t bow out of what they think is a simple dinner party and never get the chance to sign the wedding guest book.

3. Get Married on a Weekday

Celebs do it to avoid the media, but the rest of us could take a tip from stars like Harrison Ford and CalistaFlockheart or Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz who married midweek. The cost of venues, catering, and photography can be much lower with weekday rates, and it’s unlikely guests will have conflicts on a Tuesday evening.

4. Think Outside the Cake

Hilary Duff’s wedding to Mike Comrie featured ice cream sandwiches with chocolate fondue and a cake with no frosting. Brides and grooms who prefer to avoid a typical wedding cake can choose anything from cupcakes to cookies to pie.

5. A Dress of a Different Color

Celebrities and style go hand-in-hand, and whenever a star gets married, the world watches in delight to see the wedding dress. Most celebrities still opt for white or ivory, but the occasional celeb will opt for a different shade. Gwen Stefani wore a white and pink gown in one of her ceremonies with Gavin Rossdale. Sarah Jessica Parker chose to get married in black.

When celebrities get married, it’s all over the news. Yet when ordinary people opt for celebrity-style nuptials, they don’t necessarily need to invest big funds into their upcoming special event. Sometimes being original and thinking outside the box when planning your wedding ceremony can grant it as much success (and buzz as well), as it would if you were a celebrity.


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