Paris Jackson is the middle child of the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson and she is said to become the star of a strange new movie, Lundon’s Bridge and the Three Keys. Other people working on the same project include Larry King and Joey Fatone, former *NSYNC singer.

Paris JacksonThe character of Paris is a 12 years old girl, Lundon. She is a supernatural creature, a dolphin in the shape of a human. Besides this sea creature, we will also see an Aztec warrior who is 450 years old and has been transformed into a giant quid. Of course a magical seahorse couldn’t miss either. He got the name of Paco. Where there are sea creatures, the oil spoil also has to be present to add some drama.

At this moment the start date of the movie or the director of it is not known. Nonetheless according to official information, there will be a lot of animations. This means a lot of work from the animation specialists.

According to the statements of the family and friends of Paris, they are concerned that the girl could be exploited by the producer of the movie, Stephen Sobisky. He is behind the entire project.

There are some rumors according to which he made some pressures over the mother of Paris. As a result she supported the decision of her daughter to take part in the project.

According to people close to the family, the producer is using the mother of the girl to get to her, in order to make the movie more famous, and so to have financial benefits. This way the only daughter of Michael Jackson is being exploited for the benefits of another person.

The truth is that we have seen this happen many times before: the family members of a famous person being used in the marketing campaign of a movie. In the majority of the cases it is the producer that comes up with the idea, and we can’t deny that tactics of this kind have quite some success. Everybody will be curious about the movie to see the performance of Paris, and we can be sure that there will be a lot of reviews of movie, mostly because of her fame, or better said, the fame of her late father.

Is this fair? Not really, but we shall see whether the tactics will have the expected results.


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