The producers of Felicity and Lost have come up with a new twist to fairytales through the new show debuting on ABC, Once Upon a Time. As an answer, NBC also came up with something of the sort. The makers of Angel Go Criminal and Buffy the Vampire Slayer have come up with the series Grimm.

Both of the series address the battle of good and bad in the modern times. The main point of Grimm is to create a crime and fairytale kind of story. On the other hand, in Once Upon a Time the drama starts when the Evil Queen curses Snow White, Prince Charming and their daughter along with other members of the world so that they won’t have a happy ending.

No More Happy Endings(photo credit:

In the first episode of Grimm, Nick Burkhart who is a detective finds out that he has an ancestry of criminal profilers that have the ability to see fairytale villains through their masks of regular people.

The drama Once Upon a Time shows two different worlds that collide and we find the characters of The Enchanted Forest getting into the world that we know.


When we are faced with two such similar drama series, it is almost impossible not to make comparison among them. While Grimm focuses on murders in their modern way, being committed by well-known fairytale wrongdoers, like the wolf of Little Red Riding Hood, Once Upon a Time brings the characters into the modern world while making no reference to their happy endings that we all know about.

Back and forth

In case of Once Upon a Time, the narrator is coming back and forth while telling the story between the modern world and the fairytale world. Nonetheless it looks like this is the structure that the drama needs. The cast seems to be a really good one and the special effects are also of very high quality. On the other hand, the actions in Grimm are predictable and very serious. Once Upon a Time is more like family fun and so it is able to grab the attention of the viewers of any age.


Grim combines the police shows with the supernatural elements and there might be no way for this combination to go wrong. The fairytale elements could bring the shows of this kind of new life. This way the show is able to offer more to the viewer than the regular criminal series out there.


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