There are a lot of people who don’t like to have boring lives, and this is why they opt for spicing up even their marriage. While some of us might consider this cheating, there are numerous couples that don’t mind having threesomes; in fact many can’t imagine their marriage without them.

It has been confirmed that Ashton and Demi did the same, meaning that their marriage was more than open for having some new experiences. According to the sources, they used to pick out ladies to join their ‘show’. It is said that it has been Ashton who brought the ladies in, but Demi didn’t seem to mind about this matter.

Demi and Ashton Divorce

The source even added, that Demi is just as attracted to women as to men, and so having Ashton around wasn’t always enough for her. This is why she didn’t mind having other women in their relationship as well, but naturally she also had to be involved.

It looks like Demi is more than just open minded. She didn’t mind Ashton having attention of other women as long as she knew about them. Nonetheless she got really mad when she found out about some flings that Ashton didn’t tell her about and she had to find out from other sources.

It looks like the life of Ashton Kutcher is quite similar to the life of the character he plays replacing Charlie Sheen, because he had quite a few women in his life, but the good thing about it is that he didn’t mind sharing them with his soon-to-be-ex wife.

We can learn a great deal from what happened to the couple: in case you start the relationship with sharing the partners, you have to go on with it during the entire time of the relationship; otherwise things could turn out quite nasty. Naturally for this, you have to find the right woman, because the majority of women would be infuriated by very thought of bringing another person into the relationship, even if they themselves are involved.

In case you would like to bring something like this up, you would better not do it at the dinner table, because you could end up having more than just dinner. Nonetheless this doesn’t mean that if you really want it you can’t bring the matter up to your partner. Who knows? He or she might be up for a bit of adventure.


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