Although she’s been through a lot, it looks like Brit got lucky again. After her divorce, she’s been in a pretty dark place, but seemingly that period of her life is over. Now she is ready to start a new life… with Jason Trawick.

The two have been caught kissing, Brit showing a ring that seems to be a pretty large rock for an engagement ring and also there seems to be a cake. We might think that things couldn’t get better.

Britney and Jason(photo credit:

Actually the photo has been taken at Trawick’s 40th birthday party in Hollywood. They seized the chance to show their love off. Although they were supposed to make a pic for the birthday, they took the chance of showing the ring, and the truth is that they were everything but subtle.

The news that they are getting married is more than just a rumor: Britney confirmed it when she said that she is on her way to Las Vegas to throw her sweetheart a birthday party. She sent the message through Tweeter of course, and later people found out that this party was their engagement party in the same time.

So what were they doing on such a special occasion? They were constantly holding hands, and smooching from time to time, as people do when they are in love. First they went to Chocolate Lounge at Sugar Factory and later they also paid a visit to Chateau Nightclub.

The couple has been surrounded by 30 people made up by their families and closest friends. They ate salmon and different kinds of pizzas for dinner. The foods that they ordered included chocolate pizza, gumdrops, cupcakes, and various kinds of candies for desert.

Then they started to party. Brit surprised her fiancé with a two-tier cake that came in white and black colors. Naturally it came with the message ‘Happy Birthday Jason’ and the cake actually was red-velvet that is the favorite kind of Trawick. After having some cake they danced their way into the morning. The next morning Brit tweeted that it might have been one of the best nights that she ever had.

We have to admit that the couple is more than cute, and people should be really happy for them. It looks like Brit finally managed to fight her demons off, and she might be happy ever after with her new fiancé and soon to be husband.


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