Anne Hathaway is best known for her roles in romantic comedies, but it looks like her roles have become reality, and she really got engaged to the boyfriend she had for quite some time now, Adam Shulman.

The first rumors regarding a possible engagement started circulating after the star was spotted wearing a ring. This fact has been proven by the photos that were taken. The next day the official spokesperson of the star confirmed the news, saying that they are truly going to get married. Now this is a very good way to start the holiday season.

Anne Hathaway

During the summer, the actress had been giving hints that she might have found the perfect guy. She claimed that she is a hopeless romantic and he is the best that she is going to find. They started dating in 2008, and at that time she stated that Adam ruined her plans. They met after the actress broke up with Raffaello Follieri, who was found guilty of wire fraud and money laundering. After the big breakup, she said that she really wishes she could walk down the aisle one day.

She even stated that sometimes she finds herself thinking about places where it would be fun to get married at. Nonetheless at that time she didn’t want to anticipate things before their right time.

She never really wanted to fall in love with him. Even more, she wanted to be alone for some time. The only problem is that she is really romantic and she fell in love with him like a fool. There is no further official information released regarding the matter, but you should know that Adam, besides being an actor, is also a jewelry designer, and so it is no wonder that we see a fabulous ring on the actress’ finger.

Actually, according to some information the design of the ring is the result of collaboration between Kwiat Heritage jewels and Shulman.

Not so long ago she stated that she really got wondering whether she can still believe in marriage because of her past experience, but she still thought that the big day will come if she ever finds the right person.

It looks like she got her wish, and we can’t say anything else, but ‘Congratulations’ to the new couple and hope that we will see the wedding photos pretty soon.


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