There is one important headline in the newspapers in our days: the doctor of Michael Jackson has been found guilty of involuntary manslaughter. The jury had a difficult job to reach a verdict, and they have been deliberating for 2 days and 10 hours to reach an agreement.

The doctor didn’t testify at the trial and now he faces losing his license and he could also be sentenced up to 4 years of prison. He didn’t have the possibility to post bail and the authorities have been monitoring him to prevent a possible suicide while in custody.

Michael Jackson Justice(photo credit:

He didn’t show signs of any emotions as the judge presented the sentence and he has been led away with his hands cuffed. The judge said that he hasn’t been doing his job right and because of him, 3 children have lost their father, not to mention that one of the most talented entertainers have left the stage of life. The judge has been working on the case during the six weeks of the trial and he said that the doctor is a danger to the public.

The family of the late celebrity has also been relieved when they heard the sentence. The sister of the celebrity shouted ‘Yes!’ after the judge has spoken, and she simply wrote on Twitter ‘Victory’. Katherine has been seen wiping tears from her eyes and she said that she is really happy that it is all over. She knows that nothing will be able to bring Michael back, but at least the guilty person has been found and punished.

It’s not only the family that is happy about the decision that has been made, but the fans as well, who have been waiting in front of the courthouse to find out what happened to the doctor.

The doctor, who has broken legal, professional and ethical guidelines in case of a patient that has been offering him a payment of $150,000 every month, is finally punished.

According to the defense, Michael Jackson has been addicted to different substances and he is the only guilty party in his death. Also they stated that Murrayis only a small character in a dirty play.

There have been 49 witnesses of the case, which included girlfriends and patients of the doctor, medical professionals and also several employees of the pop star.

You might think that the decision is not fair, or that the doctor got what he deserved.


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