We all know about the crazy things that Lindsay Lohan has done to get the attention of people, or just because of being reckless. She also had to face some jail time because of these things and now it seems like she has done it again: the whole world is talking about her. Why? Now she shows the entire world what she is made of… literally.

People have learned that she is going to appear nude in the next edition of Playboy. Also it is a known fact that a part of the photos have already been taken and she agreed to do the job for only $1 million. When people have been asking whether the news is true, a representative of the actress said that the rumors can neither be denied nor agreed with.

Lindsay LohanIt is said that the initial offer has been of $750,000, but she didn’t agree to do the job for this amount. After that the representatives of the magazine came back with an offer that has been close to $1 million, and it looks like this has been more appealing for the star.

The truth is that this isn’t the first time when the magazine is trying to get her attention. Everybody knows by now that Playboy offered her a gig back in 2009 as well for the same amount of money, but at that time she wasn’t interested in the offer.

What happened, Lindsay?

Looks like the gesture itself is related to the fact that these days she has a lot of stuff going on in her life. Between the shots she also has to think about the community service she has to perform according to the court. Now she is working at the Los Angeles County Morgue. Seems like Lindsay has a lot to do during this period of the year, but she still manages to tweet for hours. How can she do that?

It is possible that the magazine came with the offer now because the people working there have realized that she could end up behind bars just any moment, and that would ruin their plans.

As you can see everybody has a price. Nonetheless there are some celebrities who can’t be bought when it comes to posing nude. There are some singers and some actresses that we could have never seen in such situations, and chances are that we will never see them. Seems like money can’t buy everything; still it can buy some people when they are desperate enough


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