People just don’t seem to manage to kill rumors, and let’s face it: they don’t want to. According to the latest rumors, there is something that Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, should tell the world. During a Royal visit, she was rubbing her belly and she refused to taste peanut paste.

She has been in Copenhagen where she was spotted numerous times rubbing her belly during the two-hour visit. Also she refused eating peanut paste. It is a well-known fact that pregnant women aren’t supposed to eat peanut because it might trigger allergies in the baby.

Is Kate with ChildHer husband offered her to taste the peanut paste that is going to be sent to the children that have been affected by East African famine. People who know the couple say that she didn’t have any reasons not to taste it because she doesn’t have allergies.

The young couple has been helping with the packaging of the food that is going to be sent to Africa. They also met with donors of UNICEF and supporters, such as Sir Roger Moore and they have been watching mercy flights that headed to Nairobibefore they got on the plain.

Another thing that has caught the eye of people is the kind of clothing that she has been wearing. She really looked like she was trying to hide a baby bump.

The people who have been watching her during her visit said that it has been quite obvious that she has been touching her tummy all the time. Most probably she didn’t even realize what she has been doing, and in a certain moment she had both of her hands on her belly.

According to the people who are close to Will and Kate, they really would like to start their own family, and this is why she is really suspicious. The spokesperson had said that they cannot deny or confirm any rumors regarding the possible pregnancy.

Last month there have been some changes in the laws of the country, and it has been decided that the monarch would be the first born child of Kate and William, even if it is going to be a girl.

People really started to think why the 300 years tradition has been put to an end and from now on girls and boys will have the same right to succession to the throne. Is there something we should know?


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