When it comes to shoes, there are some trends that are worth following. The majority of people are getting inspired by the celebrities they see on the red carpet and one of those celebrities that have really good taste and style is Angelina Jolie.

In case you would like to have a similar style to hers, you should consider the sandals designed by Christian Dior. These have been featured in the latest collection of the designer and they are made of soft Italian leather. The sandals come with a zipper in the back and leather lining and sole.

Shoe Trends

Just as the majority of the shoes are of the current trend, there is a 2 cm platform and a 12 cm heel that is covered with leather of the same kind and color as the rest of the sandals. Although the design is very modern and it may be the dream-shoe of just any woman, the cost is quite high, of $750.

In case this isn’t quite the shoe that you have been looking for, then you should consider the Christian Louboutin heels that Angelina Jolie has been seen wearing. These shoes are just perfect for her simple, sophisticated and slightly mysterious look that she has created over the years. It is no wonder that the shoes come with animal prints. We also have to add that this powerful woman could wear anything she wants to and she would still look stunning.

The Christian Louboutin heels look elegant and trendy with leopard print and typical Louboutin sole. The red sole is said to be inspired by Andy Warhol. In the beginning the designer wanted to change the color of the sole according to the shoe color, but finally stuck to red. The leopard print and the red sole give the contrast effect, making the heels even more interesting.

If you are looking for something more rebellious than the shoes presented until now, consider the crisscross alligator slides designed by Manolo Blahnik. Angelina Jolie has been seen wearing these shoes with a tank top and vintage jeans. The heel of the slides isn’t very high, just about 2 inches, and it is also covered. Although the slides look very nice, the majority of people might not afford them, since their price is of about $1,150.

In case you are thinking about wearing these slides, it may be a good idea to color your toenails dark brown so that they will underline the color of the slides. Naturally there are also some other colors that you could choose, and that could be even more suitable during the summer.

There are numerous different sources to buy these shoes from, including sources from the internet, such as the website www.danielfootwear.com. Make sure you look for discounts because the online stores tend to bring forth lower prices than those you normally find in the shopping malls.


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