Have you heard the big news? For sure you know by now, that the TV show ‘Two and a Half Men’ is going to continue without the most well-known character of them all, Charlie. According to the plot, the character dies, and another one appears, impersonated by Ashton Kutcher.

We have to admit that at the beginning it looked like the show got new energy from the new actor, but episode after episode the fans have seen that the show is still the same, only the actors change. A lot of people have been hoping for a brand new show, but instead they got a knock-off of Charlie.

Two and a Half MenOn the other hand, a lot of fans agree with the choice for the character of Walden, saying that they have been some lines that were relatively difficult to pull off, and Kutcher still managed.

The character is an obsessive billionaire, that at this point still thinks a lot about his wife, but people are hoping that he will come around.

The difference between the old character and the new one is that Charlie was trying to get women, while, on the other hand Walden doesn’t even have to try. Charlie needed schemes to get the attention of women, while Walden does nothing, and still manages to annoy Alan. The majority of viewers disliked the character of Charlie, but people simply cannot dislike Walden, because he is just too cute for that.

Some of the fans thought that the show could never continue without Charlie Sheen, but most probably will change their opinion after they see the latest episodes of the show.

There are some rumors according to which this may be the last season of it, but there are just too many people in the world hoping that these rumors aren’t true.

Before he got the job, nobody would have ever thought that Ashton Kutcher will end up having a role in this TV show, and now there he is. We have to admit that up to now he seems to be doing a good job, and the majority of the opinions have been positive about his work. Let’s just hope that he will manage to keep up the good job and that he won’t disappoint the fans; they don’t deserve it.

In the end the new character might end up more successful than the previous one, although everybody knows Charlie.


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