We all know Rihanna, right? We also know that she would like to become the ‘only girl in the world’, and according to Esquire she has managed it, being named the sexiest woman alive. She managed to get this title from the magazine in the year of 2011. She posed naked for the magazine, and there have been a lot of dirty things, literally.

Besides the photos that have been taken, there has also been a video created. These show Rihanna rubbing dirt all over her body. She covers only those body parts that need to be covered for the magazine to be able to be sold without a plastic wrapper.

RihannaShe has been offering some information to the magazine, talking about her famous lap dance routine. Usually she picks out a person from the audience to offer a lap dance to.

According to her she picks those people who don’t take themselves too seriously or who she thinks would be embarrassed by the act.

She really likes to mess with old guys. At the beginning she has been picking out only girls, then one night she picked out a gay guy, and since then she doesn’t mind working with straight men as well.

She also shared the feelings that she has after a concert. According to her she gets a lot of energy from her audience and it is very difficult to get back to normal after ending the show. She feels like laughing and crying all at once.

She also added that there are no hard feelings towards her ex, Chris Brown, even more she really respects his work and his music. She considers herself a huge fan. Of course she has felt some kind of resentment for a time, and we don’t really have to ask her about the reasons that she had.

Nonetheless it seems like all that is in the past and she doesn’t want any more anger in her life. She wants Chris to have success and she is happy for his career. She also adds that she never wanted something bad to happen to him and she never will.

The movements that she has on stage are extremely provocative. We couldn’t say that she is actually dancing, but you can be sure that there is choreography and all this oozing is done according to plan. Nothing happens by chance while being on stage, in front of the fans.


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