Although from the outside it looks like it is easy to live in Hollywood, there are many things that the majority of people don’t think about. There are many questions raised when rumors appear regarding infidelity. The partners can never know whether there is any truth in those rumors and whether they can trust the sources.

One of the latest cheating rumors seems to have managed to split up Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher. Naturally we also have to note that this hasn’t been the first incident of this kind.

Demi and Ashton(photo credit:

The story begins in the moment when an unknown 23 years old woman has claimed that Kutcher had an affair with her recently. Since then the woman has been hiding, but she employed a well-known attorney in Hollywood. The reason for which she needs an attorney is still unknown.

Another interesting fact about the story is that this happened in the same weekend when the couple had their sixth wedding anniversary. Nonetheless Ashton has been in a club on Friday night and he didn’t look like a happily wed man celebrating their anniversary.

As a result of this new affair the couple has split. Most probably any woman would consider splitting after several cheating rumors. According to the sources the marriage is really over, and we also have to note that Demi was alone on the red carpet at the debut of the new Lifetime project called Five. Is it possible that Ashton has been too busy with a new gig, or this is really the end of the fairytale?

You might remember another cheating scandal from last year. In that case Ashton was supposed to have had an affair with Brittany Jones. At that time the couple stood strong and they have denied all the accusations, even more, they have also taken legal action against those starting the rumors. In this case nothing of the sort has happened.

Even if they will truly get separated, Ashton can be sure that he has millions of followers on the social media that will sympathize with him especially because he is looking at war over the impressive fortune gathered during this marriage.

Demi and Ashton have been known for sharing a lot more on the social media than the rest of the Hollywood celebrities.

In this weekend instead of anniversary quotes, Demi has been sharing some philosophical quotations with a meaning that has been quite negative. Seems like social media isn’t that much fun anymore.


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