A shock hit the world: Andy Whitfield, a British born actor who had the leading role in the series Spartacus: Blood and Sand, has died of lymphoma. He had an 18 month battle with the illness and he lost the battle in the arms of his loving wife.

The 39 years old actor has been diagnosed having stage 1 of the illness in March 2010 right before starting the filming for the second season of the series. At the moment doctors claimed that his illness has been very treatable. He started the treatment immediately in New Zealand, and after two months he has been declared cancer-free.

Remembering Andy Whitfield(photo by http://www.dailymail.co.uk)

Sadly the happiness of the actor didn’t last long; the cancer returned in September, same year and his doctors advised him to resume aggressive treatment.

He has been almost unknown until he joined the cast of the series and has become the leading warrior. The series has become famous for the scenes of violence and sexuality.

In the first season that has been presented in 2010, Whitfield appeared in 13 episodes and he was preparing for the second season when he has been diagnosed with the condition.

While the producing company has been waiting for the recovery of the actor there has been six-part prequel produced, but the actor only did a bit of voice-over.

Although the fans have been waiting for his return, in January when the condition of Whitfield got worse, the network announced that his role would be overtaken by another actor.

At the moment the old star said that he is sad that he had to step aside from such a project that he really liked, and all the people that have been involved in the project.

The actor could have been seen earlier in Rafters and McLeod’s Daughters and has been surrounded by people who loved him, and who, now that he is gone, have only good things to say about him. They appreciated the work that he has done, the way that he has been treating people and also his talent in everything that he did.

Few people know that he studied engineering and he has been working as an engineer before he took acting classes. After this there was no stopping for him, as he became a part of the action thriller Gabriel in 2006.

All in all we can say that he was a wonderful person and a talented actor. Life indeed takes away too soon this type of people. R.I.P, Andy…the world will miss you as you took your battle in Heaven.


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