Not so long ago Kim Kardashian had her wedding with Kris Humphries and although they didn’t have a long honeymoon, we can be sure that it was really romantic. After they have returned home they have been spotted in a pharmacy, looking for pregnancy tests.

It is just natural that she won’t announce her pregnancy over simple means of communication, such as social media. We can expect something big from her.

Kim Kardashian Pregnancy(photo credit: KimKardashian)

Nonetheless we have to admit that she is giving hints that are more than obvious for those who know what to look for.


There have been numerous movies in which the women realized that they were pregnant because of their unnatural food cravings. It seems like Kim also has something of the sort. She said that she has midnight snack cravings and the best thing that she can have is mint Oreos. Besides this kind of food craving she also shared through Twitter that often she finds herself wishing to have some olives, even though she never liked them before.

She said that she found a bit of olives in a salad and she liked it. Before she hated olives and according to her she doesn’t want her tastes to change.

No more caffeine

The entire world knows how much she likes ice coffee, but recently she has been spotted having a drink that doesn’t have any caffeine. She preferred a red drink instead of her favorite coffee based one.

Showing maternal instincts

She has been seen many times taking care of her nephew, who is simply adorable, but we might have seen that things have been taken to a whole new level. Not so long ago she has posted some pictures of her and the little one on Twitter.

Naturally at the moment we cannot be sure whether the rumors are true, but all the signs are pointing in that direction. It seems like the news of Beyonce being pregnant brought a new wave of babies popping out of nowhere. If the trend goes on, we can expect to see a lot more newborn celebrities, and there is no stopping to that.

Also the skywriters should start their engines to write on the sky that there is some major news regarding Kim and Kris, but it is also possible that they are going to write on the skyscrapers themselves so that everybody will know about their joy. We all know how Kim loves to be the center of attention.


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