Golf isn’t one of the most spectacular sports of the world, and even more, there are a lot of people who consider it boring. Nonetheless there are numerous people who are simply fascinated by it and you might be surprised to find out about all those celebrities who like to spend their time on the golf field.

Some of them you could have never imagined having golf clubs in their hands, such as Evangeline Lilly. Another beauty of Hollywood who also finds it hard to stay away from the field is Halle Berry.

Golf ClubsNot so long ago there have been a lot of people saying that Jessica Biel is one of the sexiest celebrities of Hollywood. Would you have ever thought that she is also a fan of golf?

Being stylish and elegant doesn’t mean that you have to stay away from sports. Even more, golf is considered to be one of the most elegant sports of them all because the moves have to be really precise and the players don’t have to move that much, so they won’t sweat.

We could say that this is why it is one of the favorite sports of Catherine Zeta Jones.

Charlize Theron also likes to hit the ball and Catherine Bell has the same passion. There is also another female Hollywood celebrity that most probably you wouldn’t like to get in a competition with when it comes to golf: Angie Everhart.

The majority of the celebrities find golf very relaxing and it is a way for them to get rid of all the stress that they accumulate while they are working. This may be the reason for which Cameron Diaz and Nancy O’Dell are sacrificing their time to play a bit.

It is no secret that Ivanka Trump likes this game, even more, she has been presented on the cover of a women’s golf magazine, having a golf club in her hand and she didn’t forget her golf gloves at home either.

Shannon Elizabeth has also been seen with the clubs in her hands, and she makes no secret of the fact that she likes this sport. There is also Kendra Wilkinson who likes to show off… her talents on the field.

The thing that we have to note regarding her game is the clothing that she chooses. The majority of the players opt for the clothing that is comfortable and somewhat classic regarding the game. She, on the other hand, chooses those kinds of clothing that are closer to her style and that allow her to reach her full potential.

Tea Leoni and Hillary Rhoda also belong to the group of celebrities who don’t mind standing in the sun just to make sure that their ball reaches the hole.

Kim Kardashian might like the sport involving the clubs and balls, but have you ever seen a true golfer on the field wearing mini skirt and high heels? Every person could be curious about the performance that she could have with such equipment.


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