Summer is supposed to be the time to do reckless things, to have fun and to break free from all the stress that we have to handle over the year. Seems like the celebrities are feeling the same, and instead of using their power to make a positive change in the world, they have taken a vacation from being serious.

Celebrity and the Nasty Side

Arnold Schwarzenegger and a love child

Arnold has been criticized for a lot of things, including affairs with women, doing drugs and so on, but there has been a piece of news that shocked some people while for others it has been totally normal: he had a love child with his housekeeper 15 years ago.

This is a bit surprising because he managed to keep it a secret from his wife and the fans got also angry because he has been lying to them for all these years.

Snooki and her car

When the fans found out that Snooki and the rest of the cast are going to Italy they knew that there will be some trouble. It is known that these people don’t respect anyone else besides themselves and the Italians might think that they are making fun of the Italian heritage.

At the moment people don’t really like Americans and this may not be the best way to make the international relationships better. A long time has passed, and since nothing happened, people got more relaxed… until they heard that Snooki was involved in a car accident that sent two cops to the hospital.

Kate Hudson, Matt Bellamy and Bing

The celebrities are known for giving their children more than out of the ordinary names, such as Apple, Moses, Pilot Inspektor, Kal-el, or Hopper Jack. After a while things got back to normal and celebrities opted for regular names again, such as Violet, Seraphina, James, Marion, Tabitha, Alice or Penelope.

When things seemed to go smooth again, Kate Hudson and Matt Bellamy shocked the world: they named their son Bing, like the doorbells, the searching engine or the sound at the beginning of round two

Kim Kardashian and her X-ray

She is constantly thinking of ways to keep us interested in her, since she doesn’t really have any talents. One day she got fed up with the people saying that she has butt implants and she actually X-rayed her butt. She was happy to prove she wasn’t ‘guilty’, but people had other things on their minds.


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