Beyonce is always looking amazing and she looked stunning in her beautiful and loose orange dress at the MTV Video Music Awards. Although the dress was mesmerizing, there has been something else that caught the attention of people while she was posing on the red carpet: her baby bump. She told the press that she had a surprise for them.

Her publicist later confirmed the news saying that he is happy to say that the news is true.

Beyonce ChildThis will be the first child of the couple consisting of Beyonce and rapper Jay-Z, that got married in 2008.

At the beginning of the show she has been cheering for her husband while he has been performing his new single with Kanye West, ‘Otis’.

Then she got in the action and amazed people with the song ‘Love on Top’.

She even said to the people who were present that she would like them to feel the love that is growing inside her. While she has been singing she was rubbing her belly.

Naturally there have been some eyes on the future father as well, who during the show had a huge grin on his face. Seems like the crowd enjoyed her show since they offered her a standing ovation at the end.

A little while ago Beyonce gave some hints regarding her wish to settle down and to dedicate herself to having children. She also added that when people are young of 18-19 year they have the drive and the energy and that is the time that they should work as hard as they can.

She also said that now she is a woman and since she has been working a lot, now she has the possibility to focus on her marriage. Now she has the possibility to decide that she wants to have kids and she can also be the dedicated mother that she always wanted to be.

Kelly Rowland is claiming that she found out about the news quite some time ago and she believes that Beyonce is going to be a wonderful mother. According to her she has always been motherly and she got a lot of traits from her mother, making it all natural to her.

Kelly Rowland has previously been asked by the press about her friend’s marriage before Beyonce hit the world with the big news, but at that point she said nothing.

Could something more amazing than this happen to the talented singer?

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