• Golf Clubs
    The Hottest Celebrity Golfers Who Take Golf Seriously

    Golf isn’t one of the most spectacular sports of the world, and even more, there are a lot of people who consider it boring. Nonetheless there are numerous people who are simply fascinated by it and you...

    • Posted September 29, 2011
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  • TV Celebs and the Race for the Emmys

    The Emmys are always a big thing, and even in this year programs and individual achievements have been awarded at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles. As you may know there are numerous different awards. Some of...

    • Posted September 27, 2011
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  • Remembering Andy Whitfield – Spartacus Could Not Win Over Lymphoma

    A shock hit the world: Andy Whitfield, a British born actor who had the leading role in the series Spartacus: Blood and Sand, has died of lymphoma. He had an 18 month battle with the illness and...

    • Posted September 20, 2011
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  • Kim Kardashian Pregnancy Rumors – Is She Really?

    Not so long ago Kim Kardashian had her wedding with Kris Humphries and although they didn’t have a long honeymoon, we can be sure that it was really romantic. After they have returned home they have been...

    • Posted September 13, 2011
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  • Beyonce – The Radiant Look of Future Maternity

    Beyonce is always looking amazing and she looked stunning in her beautiful and loose orange dress at the MTV Video Music Awards. Although the dress was mesmerizing, there has been something else that caught the attention of...

    • Posted September 7, 2011
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  • Celebrity and the Nasty Side of Summer 2011

    Summer is supposed to be the time to do reckless things, to have fun and to break free from all the stress that we have to handle over the year. Seems like the celebrities are feeling the...

    • Posted September 2, 2011
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