It looks like creating a perfume is a really profitable business. Every celebrity has his or her fan base and in many cases people buy the perfume even though they might not like the smell of it, just because it has been created by their favorite star.

White Diamonds

White DiamondsThis is one of the best-selling perfumes on the market. It is a well-known fact that Elizabeth Taylor was a rich woman and a part of this money came from her films, investments in art and real estate, but also a considerable chunk of it came from the successful line of perfumes. We can expect this line to continue to have success in the future.


Celebrity PerfumesThis perfume has been created by Derek Jeter and it can be found at Avon. The perfume has been presented in 2006 and people have been buying it ever since. The advantage is that it isn’t very expensive, a bottle costs only $20, and according to Avon the smell is a mixture of zesty citrus and exotic wood.


Celebrity Perfumes HeatBeyonce also released a perfume last year, and in this time period it brought $21 millions in sales. When there is a new celebrity perfume introduced, it doesn’t hurt to have a sexy celebrity backing it up. The commercial that has been created for the UK market has been said to be too steamy to be aired during the daytime hours.


Unforgivable PerfumeP. Diddy couldn’t miss either from the list of celebrities that have their own fragrance. In 2006 this perfume has been the top selling one, and it that year $75 million has been made from sales globally. After this a women’s perfume has been introduced as well and a new cologne too.


Celebs Perfumes they CreatedSarah Jessica Parker started creating a line of perfumes that have been inspired by the character Carrie Bradshaw. NYC is just one of the perfumes that she has created, and the other ones include Lovely, Endless and Dawn. Later this year she will have a new movie coming out and most probably this will boost the sales even more.


Celebs Perfumes they CreatedAt the moment Jessica Simpson is most well-known for her tabloid appearances, but it seems like there are still a lot of people who would like to smell like her. Besides this perfume, she also has another line that has a dessert theme and it includes Dessert Treats Vanilla Ice Cream, but it isn’t edible.


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