She died at 27, a young death as she always said she would. Although the media crucifying her after the miserable failure of her last tour attempt, the newspapers were unexpectedly civil about her death.

She simply went to bed and never woke up. Fans suspected her of the worse but it seems she was neither drunk nor drugged when she passed away.

The latest rumors even say that she might have experienced a body failure due to alcohol withdrawal because the rehab period she was going through was too rough.

Amy Winehouse The truth is after July 23rd, Amy simply became a memory – the memory of a troubled girl, with a divine, out of the world voice and a talent that R&B and soul music will not encounter very soon.

She wrote cool songs, sang for millions of pounds, and her rebellious act kept the tabloids in bread year after year.

She was a trend setter and her beehive 40’s inspired hairstyle was something a lot of girls tried to imitate. She had a weird taste in men and tattoos and her badass attitude hid a lot of despair.

The press called her departure ‘a death waiting to happen’ and maybe it was exactly that. She was very sick and the repeated rehab sessions were far from saving her from the demons she was battling.

In spite of the many things said about her, it is actually refreshing to see that fans were allowed to mourn her and that the media restrained from trashing her lifestyle.

Her impressive fortune remained to her family and Mitch Winehouse, her dad, stated after her funeral that a large part of it will go into a foundation to help young drug addicts get rid of their problems. It is a nice initiative and a smart decision to remember Amy this way.

Her dying at 27 gave water to the mill of superstitions. The infamous 27 Club which so far counted the names of Kurt Cobain, Jim Morrison and Janis Joplin will count Amy too among the many music stars that died untimely deaths and the dark age of 27.

Could it be that the strange course of life made her pass away as so many other brilliant musicians did? If that is so than maybe there is indeed a curse of those living wild and wishing to die young and beautiful.

R.I.P  Amy ! May stars shine when you sing among them.


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