Princess Charlene of Monaco shed tears soon after her wedding to Prince Albert of Monaco. Ever since then speculations have been rife about the emotions behind these uninvited guests. Were they tears of joy or of sadness is the question asked by so many public voices.

The couple had a glittering religious ceremony a day after their civil marriage. Charlene wore a stunning boat neck gown that was studded with 20000 mother of pearl teardrops and 40,000 of Swarovski crystals.

Princesses Cry Too

The princes appeared calm during the catholic ceremony and later the couple drove to the St Devote shrine.

In keeping with the Monegasque traditions, the bride leaves her bouquet at the altar here. During their visit to the shrine, a mother-daughter duo sang a beautiful dedication to the Virgin Mary.

It is believed that at this point the Olympiad swimmer was seen wiping away a few tears and the Prince was seen comforting her.

The happy version says that the Princess was deeply moved by the soprano rendering of the song, thus leading to the emotional moment. If this is true then all is well as it can be assumed that there was nothing untoward between the couple.

But if the rumors are to be believed then all is not well. And the new Princess of Monaco may be quite upset with her new husband who has been recently dragged into controversy (again). It is rumored that the Prince may have fathered his third love child.

Prince Albert has two other children out of wedlock, both of whom can lay no claim to the throne of Monaco. The latest controversy involves his ex-girlfriend who has just had a new baby. It is claimed that the Prince is the father. The Royal House of Monaco has decreed that Prince Albert will have to undergo a paternity test to settle the issue.

It has also been heard that Charlene was very disturbed with this new scandal, so much so that she wanted to call off the wedding and flee the country. She was counseled and calmed by the prince’s entourage who managed to convince her to go ahead with the wedding. Royal representatives deny such an incident and claim that all is well between the newly weds.

One wonders what the result of the paternity test will be and how it will affect the relationship of the newly wed royal couple. It seems that no matter how much one may crave to be a princess the chances of happiness are no better than for any regular girl out there.


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