A little time ago some new gossip started according to which Mark Anthony and J-Lo would be divorcing. Not so long ago this has been confirmed by the couple. This news shook the entire world and people have been asking what will happen to all the business that they have together.

They said that although their marriage didn’t work out, they will go on with their businesses and they won’t let them be affected by their personal decisions. According to some, the couple will go on with the designs for their new clothing line for this fall.

J-Lo and Mark AnthonyThe truth is that the Jennifer Lopez and Mark Anthony brands have always been positioned separately and they offered distinctive lines of high-quality and fashionable clothing for both men and women so the launch of the new collection in September should be a really successful one.

The agreements that they made regarding their clothing lines have always been separated and this is why them splitting up doesn’t affect the collections in any way.

Even more, the two will go on working together on their Latin American talent show. The filming will start in autumn in South America and both J-Lo and Mark Anthony are committed to this new project and the show will go on.

In the weekend Mark Anthony had a concert in Bogota and he has been flirting with the female audience like never before.

The latest album of Jennifer Lopez entitled ‘Love?’ may have given the world some hints that her marriage is on the rocks. It seems like there is a hidden message between the lines of the new album and also of the new single.

In the single ‘Starting Over’ she refers to her man as a dog and a player that is watching her dream fall apart. She also makes some reference to his secrets and lies that she is just trying to push out of her mind.

We also have to note that the songs haven’t been written only by J-Lo. We also have to give some writing credits to some others as well.

Jennifer Lopez has been the writer of the song ‘One Love’ that also is giving some hints regarding her marriage that hasn’t been working when she wrote the song. In this she refers to three previous loves, and about the fourth she says that he sang to her and that she is worn out but he makes her try once more.

It seems the things were on a free fall for a while. Could it be these two were too good to be true?


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