Are the two esteemed TV show producers in a battle? Of course they are. With so many crazy fans waiting for both True Blood and Game of Thrones to show at Comic Con there is no wonder that we can feel something in the air.

The pain of the TV lovers of seeing Game of Thrones ending its Season one with only 10 episodes was slightly tamed by the impressive number of views the debut of the Season 4 from True blood registered.

Game of Thrones And True BloodHad HBO hit the jackpot leaving behind cynical touches and going all fantastic for the sake of public’s craze for picturesque heroics? The answer is yes.

Showtime and its loved masterpieces that put before the public sex – Californication, drugs – Weeds and murder – Dexter, has something to fear.

The public’s taste for supernatural, fantasy, raw imitation of the cruelest sides of reality and most of all the absolute power of nudity, crime and intrigue decided that HBO is a worthy enemy for Showtime.

Californication And Weeds

Yes, there is a large enough crowd out there for both brands to make a profit but considering that the number of people watching the series week by week are the same people responsible for the rating, commercial contracts and why not the cash flow, the battle is surely on.

Let’s look at it from a completely different point of view.

Game of Thrones is based on a book and so is True Blood. If one encourages every single reader of fantasy novels to breathe heavily with anticipation, the other is surely taking the supernatural trend on a whole new level.

If Showtime brings us, vomit, blood spatters, guns and knives but also drugs, booze and quite obvious sex, HBO gets down to Earth even more.

We see belies opened and bowels spread over floors, blood hearts swallowed by pregnant women, a bit more nudity than one would expect, rivers of blood, incest, beheadings, bodies turned to mush and dirt under nails.

The question comes: does the public loves the dark side of fiction. Considering that the 11 o’clock news are getting their ratings from the worst possible cases of life and death situations, why would TV be any different?

It seems the public loves its heroes but it surely loves its demons even more. We cannot blame HBO taking advantage of the human nature. Game of Thrones with its impressive settings, ceremonial medieval style and strange family relationships is a real competitor for True Blood’s sexuality and bloody scenes.

What do you think? Can Showtime do better?


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