Falling in and out of love is something natural, but it is interesting to observe that it happens more often in the world of stars than in the real world. Here are some examples of couples that seemed to have made a promise to each other but ended up walking separate paths:

1. Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris

Hugh Hefner and Crystal HarrisNot so long ago the news hit the world: there will be no wedding of these two oh-so-well known people.

2. Ginnifer Goodwin and Joey Kern

Top 10 Celebrity EngagementsThey have gotten engaged in December last year, but it seems like they didn’t really like the idea of spending the rest of their life together and they have broken up in May.

3. Gwyneth Paltrow and Brad Pitt

Gwyneth Paltrow and Brad PittThey met in 1995 at the set of a movie but they have broken up after dating for about two and a half years.

4. Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck

Top 10 Celebrity EngagementsWe might say that they have been one of those legendary couples that people would have said that they would live happily ever after. They have postponed their wedding in 2003 and shortly after that they have broken up.

5. Ryan Reynolds and Alanis Morissette

Ryan Reynolds and Alanis MorissetteThis couple has been dating since 2002 and they have announced their engagement in 2004. Sadly they never made it to the altar, since they have broken up in February 2007.

6. Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling

Top 10 Celebrity EngagementsWe saw this happen before: actors meet on set, they fall in love, they get engaged and they end up breaking up. The same thing happened to this couple, and they have broken up in 2007.

7. Paris Hilton and Paris Latsis

Top 10 Celebrity EngagementsParis and Paris started going out in December 2004, but they have stopped seeing each other in 2005. Paris Hilton said that she just wants to have fun and she doesn’t really have time for a relationship.

8. Sheryl Crow and Lance Armstrong

Sheryl Crow and Lance ArmstrongThey split in February 2006, but still they said that they still love each other and they have great respect for each other. They also think that their personal privacy is very important.

9. Julia Roberts and Keifer Sutherland

Celebrity Engagements And BreakupsThey got engaged in August 1990 but Julia broke the engagement a little before the wedding.

10. Mary Louise Parker and Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Top 10 Celebrity EngagementsThe couple showed up together at an event in December 2006, but they called everything off in June 2007.


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