The movie business has accustomed us with blockbusters and it got used to movies cashing huge flow of money because of the intriguing topic, cool theme, and spectacular heroes.

But what do you do in a year when you ran out of possibilities, when the Marvel hero type is overdone, the vampire trend tends to expire? What happens when a trilogy is no longer enough to exploit a movie subject? The answer is: you create sequels and why not prequels.

This is how the general public has the privilege to witness a 2011 summer with an unprecedented number of sequels covering all movie genders and using the spirit of blockbuster past to promote the “should be, would be” success of tomorrow.

So far Harry Potter franchise is going strong feeding the need to gloom and blues of the modern teenagers and Twilight – Breaking dawn is keeping the fans breathless with expectation.

Pirates of the Caribbean

The Pirates of the Caribbean and Johnny Depp in the flesh has made it once again with impressive figures able to be conquered only by the impressive budget and amount of special effects involved.

You have to hand it to Robert Marshall for making a movie almost destined to be a failure become another blockbuster with…pirates.

Lord of the Rings trilogy

For the ones still dearly treasuring the Lord of the Rings trilogy, The Hobbit comes as a prequel directed by no other than Peter Jackson.

Will the new idea add to the franchise’s success? The answer is …who knows? Most likely, the promotion of the movie will be so contaminated by the great shadow of the first masterpiece that no matter how good will its be, it will still leave the public wanting.

Prequels vs. Sequels

Mission Impossible, the first we loved so much, was surely enough to define a good spy movie and make a mark in the hall of fame of the genre. They went on and made a sequel…and another sequel – one worse than the other.

Now they promise Ghost protocol, which is supposed to rock our world with Tom Cruise dangling from a building and doing the stuff he always does in these movies. Is anybody surprised they insist on doing that? No really, since the public loves it in action movies.

Kung Fu Panda II

In the cartoons’ world, Disney and competition seems to favor the sequel trend. We have Kung Fu Panda II, Cars 2, Happy Feet 2 and Puss in Boots – Shrek sequel. Since kids would see any cartoon smart enough to make them laugh there is no surprise here.

As the constant presence in the department goes, James Bond will go continue with the number 23 and Terminator will have its number 5. We should mention Transformers who promise a long line of sequels and the Underworld who will keep the Goth vampire lovers on their toes.

X men franchise is not giving up and we can expect the interesting twist of action with First Class. Do we dare to hope it will be better than the last one? Spiderman keeps on going with another handsome fellow playing the lead and – we dream of a better flow of action.

Hollywood loves its money making resources and so it seems we will have the honor to see a prequel of The Thing and one called Oz – the great and powerful. They sure are not in Kansas anymore…


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