Do you like “Rehab”? Very few people don’t. The slightly raw voice that made Amy Winehouse famous was certainly the main reason we remember the cool lyrics and the jazz meets blues song.

Without a doubt she is unique, but like so many other wild spirits with life ruined by booze and drugs, she is an accident waiting to happen.

Amy Amy is famous. Compared with Lady Gaga as need for public attention is concerned, the British singer is definitely an example of being famous rather for the scandal than for the amazing talent she used to make a living with.

She may not be a beauty but her beehive hairstyle made quite a furor as a trend. Also her cat eye makeup served as an inspiration.

In spite of being a negative example for the youth, so many young adults have fallen in love with her nonconformist life.

From this to the extreme stunt she pulled of last week in Serbia was just a thin line to cross.

Since so many European fans were anxious to see a memorable performance by their favorite singer during the 12 shows from “Back to Black” tour, Amy did her best not to disappoint them.

The first show of the tour, on Belgrad, got on stage an incoherent, dead drunk Amy, hair messier than usual, incapable to stay on her feet or to put on her shoes, nevertheless to sing. Could it be she was taken out of rehab too soon, or simply she got sick of the showbiz?

The reality is that neither her manager nor the public saw this coming. The show was a disaster and if she indeed stood by the contract and was on stage for 70 minutes, singing was certainly not the thing to happen on the stage.

Too drunk and confused to speak, sing, dance or simply be in tune with her band, the singer almost collapsed when trying to put her stage shoes on. In the end she simply threw one shoe into the public and did her best to mumble something.

The result was a large number of angry fans, a music gig not paid, a tour cancelled out of the respect for the fans and a ticket back to rehab for Amy, this time for “years”.

It seems this was the final straw as her manager is concerned and since everybody cares about her life and well being it was about time somebody took the right decision.

The girl may be brilliant but she is also her worst enemy. Among booze and drugs she is close to lose her musical career not to mention her life.


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