One of the biggest hits and in the same time the biggest successes of these days’ cinema blockbusters is the movie ‘Thor’. The movie has been created by Marvel’s film division and it is known for crushing all the other movies in this period, according to certain information.


The company had Paramount as its distribution partner and these two companies have a lot of reasons to be happy, for the movie impact all over the world. The movie debuted with £5.45m, and £2.34m came from the previews.

The fifth ‘Fast and Furious’ movie also made quite a debut in the last period, but still it wasn’t able to bring ‘Thor’ down. Two years ago, when the fourth movie appeared, it registered a huge fall in the second week. This time this fall hasn’t been that major.

Fast & Furious 5

At the moment these two movies seem to be on the tops in every case, although the positions that they have vary according to different kinds of sources. In case of the Australian cinemas, ‘Fast and Furious 5’ seems to be the favorite and in this case ‘Thor’ has to settle for the second place.

The two stars of the movie are Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson. It is said that the movie had an income of $7.4 million and so it is just natural that according to this source, it is on the first place.

Chris Hemsworth managed to bring also quite some money to the moviemakers for the movie ‘Thor’, of $5.3 million. The reason for which the latest ‘Fast’ movie was able to take ‘Thor’ down could be that it had its premier one day after the other movie.

Nonetheless logically thinking this shouldn’t be a problem for a movie of this kind. The theme that these movies have made them not be direct rivals for each other.

‘Thor’ is known for the mythological theme that it has, presenting the life of imaginary gods, it might become the perfect movie of those who like fiction. On the other hand, for those who prefer adrenaline and modern times, the new ‘Fast’ movie is just perfect.

In case you haven’t seen the previous movies, this one could make you watch all of them, because you will simply be absorbed by the story and the settings.

Although some of the information is contradictory, it is undeniable that these movies are worth to be seen, while they are still hot.


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