Every little girl is dreaming about her prince that will com one day on a white horse and will take her away. We all know that most probably this prince doesn’t really exist. Actually there are really few princes left, not to mention the young princesses.

Nonetheless there are still some that might capture the attention of men, and one of them is Pippa Middleton. But who is she? Actually, she is the sister of Kate Middleton, who really made a sensation at her sister’s wedding. Although we might think that she is really serious, it might be good to know that she is a real party girl.

prince harry

Her case is somewhat similar to Prince Harry’s. Now that Prince William is out of the picture, everybody seems to be following his actions. He also likes to have a good time, and he also enjoys traveling around the world.

The unnatural is totally natural for him, like flying over the Spitsbergen and get committed in dangerous activities to raise money for the soldiers that have been wounded in the war.

Although people shouldn’t be all about the looks, we have to admit that both of them have something to pride with. Prince Harry is known as the redhead hotty, while on the other hand it is a known fact that Pippa had numerous men fall in love with her. No wonder, since she has a beautiful body and a very pretty face.

pippa middleton

Culture is also important for both of them. Pippa attended the courses of the University of Edinburgh (where she got noticed for all the energy she has). After she has graduated college with a degree in English, she started working at the company called Table Talk, one of the most prestigious PR companies, and she has been named ‘Number 1 Society Singleton’ by ‘Tatler’ magazine.

The prince besides getting the education that he needed, also made some trips to famous landmarks with a strong historical connotation, such as the Brandenburg Gate and he also has been present at the launch of The Soldier Challenge at The Imperial War Museum.

While Pippa is hot by nature, Harry seems to be a fan of sports. He could have been spotted at numerous sports events, including the Asprey World Class Cup at Hurtwood Park Polo Club.

If we had to choose which one of them is hotter, more educated or wiser, many believe that it would really be a push.


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