Arnie’s love affair is no longer a secret. Come one, is media for real? As soon as the love child came out, revealed by no other than the scorned wife, the media raved like a hurricane blaming the man, the position he occupies, the wife who stood by him for so many years, the marriage vows he broke and the mistress who lived in the same house with him for more than 20 years?

Nobody knew? Really? Let’s say that …in theory Maria Shriver giving birth in 1997 – the same time the house maid a.k.a mistress did – was not something to catch the eye of the media, but Mildred Baena’s employment extended to more than cleaning and cooking in a house filled with security cameras must have rang a bell somewhere.

After Jean Seymour’s statement saying that this comes as no surprise whatsoever, we must wonder, how in the world this did not leaked out sooner.

Considering that politics and sex scandals are like horse and carriage and US politics was not a stranger to this type of scandals, either Arnold is the smartest politician ever (not likely) or the media was completely blind to the matter.

Another interesting question rises regarding Maria’s position. After 25 years of marriage, of which 20 were most likely populated with her husband having an affair with – horror- the maid, how could she possibly not have known?

If she was the one telling the LA times about the Arnold’s love child, after she found out about him only in April this year, we can consider either that the Kennedy heritage did not make her smart or that she really loved the man enough not to ruin his political career.

Apparently now, the wife, who was pretty much the reason Arnie had his chance in politics, is ready for battle. She hired a PI to look into Arnie’s illicit sexual affairs of which only two –Goyette and Mora – were made sort of public before his election.

Since she is not only interested in his love life but also in his finance, it seems that the woman is ready to get into the divorce battle and leave Schwarzenegger both wifeless and penniless.

The funny part is that not only the scorned wife has hired a lawyer but the mistress did exactly the same thing. We do not dare to ask why Arnold was this stupid, but if Jane Seymour statement is true and there are other love kids out there looking like him, the man is surely to go down in flames.

Mildred Baena stated to her friends that “poor Arnold” was trapped in an unhappy, sexless marriage. Why did he choose to go astray instead of solving the issue with his wife? One would say…lack of…political… intelligence.


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