You might call people old fashioned, but many think that the celebrities also have a social responsibility: showing a positive example for the rest of the population. Although some of them can live up to this role, their majority just lose their ways along the road.

There is Charlie Sheen for example, who besides being a famous actor is also famous for his drug abuse. He has been shown on television and on internet numerous times because of all the trouble he has gone through.

Charlie Sheen

Lady Gaga is also one of the most well known celebrities of these days. Not so long ago she confessed in an interview that she usually smokes pot and also drinks a lot of whiskey.

According to surveys the majority of teenagers start drugs abuse after they see their favorite star smoking. Not such a role model, isn’t it?

Olsen Twins

We all have heard a lot of news about Lindsay Lohan lately. Although she had a really nice career as a child and a young actor, she seems to have ruined it because of alcohol and drugs.

In the last period she has been kicked of numerous sets because of her behavior.

Heidi Montag is just one of the other examples that might be mentioned regarding not-to-follow role models and so are the Olsen Twins.

The first has gone beyond any self restrain for the sake of looking hot while the latter don’t seem to care much that they are famous and have a social responsibility as role models.

Makes you wonder, why we bother to admire them.


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