The Tudors has been one of the best known series, but it had its final episode last year. Just as the series ended, the network has announced that there will be a replacement, for those people who like the series from historical times.

The first series included numerous actions that are a taboo in today’s society, although they have been accepted in the past.

In the case of the series called The Borgias you will also find these elements. During the series there are numerous characters the life of which is taken, and naturally there is a lot of sex that has been commonly accepted back then.

The Borgias

The plot of The Borgias is set slightly before the plot of The Tudors, and at that time incest was really common. Even at the beginning we find out that Cesare is in love with his sister, Lucrezia, and the truth is that the feeling is mutual.

The Tudors

On the other hand, the main character, Pope Alexander seems to have big moral dilemmas regarding whether to sleep or not with Giulia. In the end he cannot help himself and opts for the pleasures of the flesh. Nonetheless he doesn’t feel like he has done anything wrong.

Leaving aside the controversial papal intrigue and the even more controversial social status of the first crime family that ruled an age, The Borgias promises to present all the wrongs of a society where compromise and evil deeds ruled.

You’ve got to love history and its lack of moral conduct.


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