As spring comes, people get out of their ‘caves’ as they try to enjoy the fresh air and everything that spring has to offer. This is also the case of the celebrity mothers who might be spotted with their kids.

Amy Adams

Celeb Mom Lifestyle

There are numerous activities to do, such as enjoying the first sunrays in the city park, like Amy Adams did with her young. While doing such activities it is a must to wear casual clothes like her cute jeans and sheer white shirt that is just perfect for the mommy role.

Sharon Stone

Celeb Moms

Sharon Stone has decided to spend some time with her son in a different way. They went to an art studio where they have been coloring and painting while bonding.

S.J. Parker

Celeb Mom Children

As it seems S. J. Parker seems to enjoy having her children as close as possible, and celebrating together Mother’s Day.

Heidi Klum

Celeb Moms Spring Time

Heidi Klum, just like a typical Hollywood mom, takes her child along while shopping. Even when performing this activity she makes sure to have a stylish look with those faded rocker jeans, a skull-adorned scarf and a plaid blouse.

We also have to add that when it comes to style, she is almost unbeatable with those magnificent suede boots.


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