Jackie Kennedy is one of the most famous people in modern history. She is considered to be the role model of the way the first lady should act. Since she is so respected in every possible way, it might be a really difficult job to reproduce everything that she represented.

Jackie Kennedy

We might consider that it is a great honor for Katie Holmes to play the role of Jackie Kennedy in a miniseries that is meant to present the life of Kennedy family.

The producers have decided for the series to have eight episodes, and you can be sure that Katie had quite some work to do to fit into the character.

In order to get ready for shooting, Katie watched all the available footage of Jackie Kennedy several times. This helped her ‘meet’ the character and to become the character.

She has been also working with a dialect coach, to get everything right to the smallest details. After doing a lot of research and after hours of rehearsal she felt that she was ready.

The physical resemblance between the two women is remarkable, especially in the moment when Katie wore brown contacts. With the help of the hairstyle of the 60’s and the makeup, the transformation has been an almost complete one.


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