Is there one single person in the whole wide world who hasn’t heard about Prison Break (PB)? The series has been one of the most successful ones of the last period, and it seems like there is nothing that could stop the producers of PB.

They are coming back in force with some new ideas, but the topic seems to be the same.

Breakout Kings

The new series, Breakout Kings has made a debut in early 2011 and it presents the interesting story of four different cons who have been recruited by the U. S. Marshalls.

According to their deal, the time to serve in jail will be reduced in case they help to catch runaway villains.

The actors of the new series are of the opinion that the characters have been very well formed and they are really complex. This way they will be able to show a little something about their personality in every show and we can be sure that the series won’t become boring, because the characters will always have something new to reveal.

There is a direct link to Prison Break through the appearance of T-Bag, but the producers made it clear that they do not wish to make a reunion of the characters from PB.


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