The diva with violet eyes has died. At the age of 79, Liz Taylor has left the world she stunned with her tumultuous personality and glamorous appearance. The sexy diva was a celebrity icon all through her spectacular life.

The younger generations remember the old lady in the wheel chair covered in jewelry and fur with nothing but the fascinating eyes to remember she was once considered the most beautiful woman in the world.

Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor was truly a diva. On screen and off screen her glam factor was always the highest. It is true that during her age of glory the trend called for amazing appearance and the media did not forgive the careless looks of the cinema stars.

Liz was always impeccable, with a taste for fashion and jewelry which can not be easily equaled. The diamonds were her thing but none of them could outshine her temper.

With the diva dead, the so many Hollywood and music babes looking for a chance to walk in her footsteps are meeting a tough challenge.

Elizabeth Taylor

Angelina with her fascinating gaze, Catherine Zeta-Jones with her superior breed class, Beyonce with her exotic glamor and Madonna with her resilient need to shine are facing the hard task to fit the diva look Elizabeth Taylor created.

Her image and the flawless glamor she carried throughout her adventurous life is not something anybody can match.

Remember Liz as she was: the violet eyes that ruled the Hollywood silver screen.


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